My name is Mohamed Ali also known as MR. 10PACK and I am one of the few that has one 10pack. You read right, not a six-pack – a 10pack. I have made it to worldwide media with my abs and my road to men’s physique. I am certified dietitian and personal trainer that have helped over 200 people in my short period as a online trainer.

Your customised online personal training programme is based on information you provide on your daily activity levels, food preferences, and personal goals, and will be updated monthly for you.

What are the benefits of using digital training over going to the local gym?

The benefits of online training are more much cost effective than paying a personal trainer at the gym for a one on one session. Personal trainers at a local gym can charge anywhere between $70 – $80 per hour if not more.

Join us now and let’s work together to smash your goals!


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